Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My recent finds :)

I scored a bunch of spectacular treasures this past weekend.  Here are a few!

I have a hallway where three doors converge.  Two are bedrooms (well, a guest bedroom and my reading room) and the other is a bathroom.  I came across these really neat numbered hooks @ Lucketts that reminded me of hotel room door numbers, and I thought they would look really cool on these doors.

Here is the hallway :

 And here is a close-up of the numbered hooks:

Every time I pass through the hallway I start singing "Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place, such a lovely face."  (Disclaimer: We do not condone torture of any kind at Vintage Afterthoughts, whether it be water boarding or being subjected to the Eagles.  We apologize if you catch yourself singing this song in the next few hours, and ask that you not hold it against us).

I also found this really awesome vintage hotel key fob @ Lucketts.  "Plenty of room at the Hotel California, any time of year, you can find it here."  (OK, OK, I'll stop.  Please don't click away from the blog now in frustration).

I also found this cute little porcelain bird (also @ Lucketts).

And this burlap lampshade with blue stripes for only $20!!!  I had intended on making one similar to this, but at $20 I couldn't resist.  If I made it, the time and materials probably would have been $20 or more. 

(sorry for the craptacular picture)

One of the many places I went to this weekend was my favorite place for treasure hunting, the Old Luckett's Store.  When I was in there I was able to check out Miss Mustard Seed's new room.  Thankfully, it was one of the few rooms that had a window air conditioner!!!  That place was H-O-T!  I picked up some of her lavender bunches, which is now in a mason jar by my front door, greeting me every time I enter the house.

Please excuse this hot sweaty woman in the photo.  It was over 100* inside AND outside.

It was a good weekend of treasure hunting!! :)  I also picked up a great crafting table and two chairs at a yard sale, but I am saving that for another post once I have a chance to re-paint them.  Stay tuned!

On another note - did anyone catch the first two episodes of Picker Sisters?  I wrote about the show a few weeks ago when I heard that it was going to premier.  I have to say, I was NOT disappointed!  What a great show!  Not only do you see them climbing through junk and finding the potential in these amazingly rusty discarded objects, but you see the finished project after the junk is re-imagined into some wonderful architectural piece.  I love it!  I would love to just ride around with them for a day and see things through their eyes - they are so creative!  My only complaint is even on my large flat-screen,  I could not read the small print on the side of the screen showing how much they were selling the items for, what the profit was, etc.   What did you think of the show?

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  1. Hi, I love meeting new bloggers and I am following you back. Picker Sisters I thought I was losing my eye site, I actually ran up to the screen once to see if I could read the small print! I liked it, but was thinking I would love more picking and less talking. We will have to keep watching and see how it progresses. I've got to go as I am ready to burst into song "Hotel California" LOL


  2. Really great idea! I love the look! Coming over from My Romantic Home and your newest follower!


  3. Oh, this post made me lol, spit on the screen. Yes, now THAT song is in my mind. Too funny and really great finds. How lucky would it be to get to see MMS's stuff in real life...