Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Antiquing Adventure 2011: Where to go? HELP!

Some people dream of going to Paris and taking romantic strolls through the streets while "La Vie En Rose" plays nearby.  Some people dream of going to Disneyland where they can live out their childhood fantasies at the happiest place on earth.  Some people dream of going to the Caribbean and soaking their feet in the soft sand and warm water.    But not me - I dream of getting dirty and sweaty while digging through piles and piles of forgotten antique treasures.  I dream big

(ok, so maybe I would LOVE LOVE to do any of the above, but since I can't within the next few months, lets pretend they are someone else's dreams....)

This fall I want to go on an antiquing adventure.  I am hoping to drive up to Maine for Thanksgiving, so I think that might be a perfect time to make a few side trips to some of the great antique stores in the northeast.

So here is my challenge to you, blogosphere.  Can you point me in the direction of awesome, amazing, cannot-miss antique stores along the I95 corridor between Washington DC and Maine?  I'd like to stay within half an hour of I95 if possible.   Being able to antique in every state between here and there would be great!

I have quite a bit of time to plan for this, so your any input over the next few months is greatly appreciated!

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