Saturday, August 20, 2011

All Hail!

It's been an exciting week around here .... not so much with DIY or anitques or decorating or vintage fantasticness, but with weather.

We've had quite a few violent storms run through the area.  On Thursday I heard this "thud thud thud thud" on the roof and thought : A) Santa got his dates mixed up, B) those little a$$&*@! lovely children down the street were throwing rocks on the roof, or C) the sky was falling, the sky was falling!

The answer ended up being C, the sky was in fact falling.  Chunks of ice the size of quarters and golf balls were falling from the sky, and pummeling my house, my car, and my flowers.

I immediately thought of the cute weatherman on my local news channel who always says "send me your weather pics and weather videos!"  So I started recording ......

(sorry about the F-Bomb).

This video has been on the local news all morning and night, and was posted on the Washington Post.  Plus, my weatherman crush friended me on facebook and has sent me emails. 

Now that I'm sorta famous, I am always alert, because I know the papparazzi is lurking behind bushes. 

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