Friday, July 1, 2011

My very first home

This week I moved into my very first home!  I have spent the past 7 years going from apartment to townhome to condo to apartment.  This past January I had a reality check when I realized all of the money that I was throwing away on rent.  After crunching some numbers, I decided it was time to settle down and buy!

I wanted to stay in Northern Virginia, but quickly realized that if I wanted to stay within a reasonable commuting distance to my work in DC I was going to have to sell a kidney on the black market just to be able to afford the home.  After much consternation and contemplation, I decided to hop the border and check out Maryland.

I found this really cute Cape Cod style home one block away from a metro station.  Score!  It was a flip, so it was completely renovated and move in ready.  Double Score!  And to make it even more amazing, it was right in my price range!  Home run!   Every house I saw after this one did not even come close in comparison, and I knew that this was the one. 

The house has FIVE (5!) bedrooms, which is a lot more space than I have ever had in any of my apartments/condos/town homes.  I am going to turn one of the rooms into a craft room, and another into a reading room/ library.  It also has a great backyard, which is great for my dog Brody who has never had a yard of his very own.

I am looking forward to taking on the challenges of home ownership (famous last words?).  I can't wait to start projects and add my own vintage touches to make this house feel like my very own home. 

Now, I just have to find the energy to finish unpacking......


  1. So happy for you! Its soooo adorable! I just bought my first house too!! It feels so great to be a home owner! =]

  2. It DOES feel great to be a homeowner! And I love all of the potential you have with a new home, it is like starting with a clean slate :)