Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why I am starting a blog....

Testing 1, 2, 3 :)

Starting a blog might be one of my worst ideas in recent history.  I mean - do I even  have the time to keep up with it?  And if I DO keep up with it, who will want to read it?  What if the things I find interesting, beautiful, and blog-worthy are utterly dull and meaningless to the amazing people in the blogosphere?

Every day I parouse a long list of blogs that I follow, and I find myself drooling and admiring their DIY projects.  I often find myself saying "I could do that" or "Ooo I wish I could show them that thing I made last week!"

Then I went to the Luckett's Spring Fair and met one my all time blogging idols, Miss Mustard Seed.  I introduced myself to her and she said "Do you have a blog?"

I said sheepishly and regrettably, "No, I don't."  As I was walking away I was thinking about how I wish I could have said, "Yes I do, and Miss Mustard Seed, you need to go check it out!!!"   I then thought.... why DON'T I have a blog?  I can do it!

So here I am... doing it.   Welcome to my newest adventure :)


  1. Well I just love your blog.. I am thankful to have found it. I am one that can truly say I do not have a blog. But I have a wonderful life with my hubby, three grown kids and soon to be 8 grandkids... I have always loved making pretty things for someone special in mind for a birthday or event. I love it when they ewwww and ah over it. Then the other gals are saying, where's mine? I love to decorate with passion, with things I find at thrift stores or yard sales... So glad to see someone after my own heart in creativity... Thanks for making this blog..and thanks to the "Lettered Cottage for their site or I would have never found you.

  2. Look I read all the way through your blog, I just found one interesting post after the other and your flood. Then I saw you work in DC, my son and his girlfriend live in Arlington, my son works in Maryland and is finishing up his degree in intelligence studies and his girlfriend works in DC with Senator Bill Nelson (The astronaut) from Florida, which is where I live. Small world, girl you must have paid an arm and a leg for that cute house....5 bedrooms, Wow, it is more than a starter house it is a finisher house congratulations