Tuesday, July 5, 2011

so THIS is what it is like to be a homeowner!

I had grandiose plans for projects to start on my house to give it that "cottage" feel.   I had estate sales planned out in google maps, I found out the addresses of the closest goodwill and thrift stores, and I longingly stared at the two cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint sitting on my craft room shelf waiting to be opened and used on some worn out piece of furniture.

I also had big plans to do some yard work.  I bought some solar lights that I wanted to put along the bushes in front of my front porch.  I have two bags of lovely new mulch to lay down around the bushes.  And my gravel driveway is in desperate need of some major weed control.

I also learned about an architectural salvage warehouse about half an hour away that I have been DYING to check out.  

But all of this was put on hold.   Because yesterday morning, less than a week after moving into my new home, I awoke to a flood in my finished basement.  Happy fourth of July!

While no furniture was ruined (thank goodness - I have some of my favorite pieces down there!!), the carpet is a sopping mess.  

We pulled up the brand new carpet - and what did we find?  An exposed PVC pipe without any capping or plugging.  Just an exposed pipe.  It was cut flush to the floor and carpeted over by the previous owner.  

REALLY?  really???? 

I have a plumber coming tomorrow.  In the meantime, I am mourning the delay of all of these projects while I funnel my money to repairs and the replacement of my carpet. 

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