Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kinda Cool or Totally Tacky?

I came across something in a little antique store that I knew I wanted to buy as soon as I saw them, but wasn't sure if I would be bold enough to display in my house - brothel tokens.

Yes, you heard read that right - brothel tokens.  These are tokens that many many years ago were given to cowboys after they paid their admission to get into the brothel.  The cowboys would then give the token to the lady of their choice, so the lady knew that the customer had already paid.  I was intrigued!!!

After I wiped them down (they ARE brothel tokens, after all!) I attached them each to a ribbon, added a skeleton key, and hung them on the hooks of the hotel numbers that I put on the bedroom doors. 

So give me your opinion - is having brothel tokens hanging on your bedroom doors kinda cool, or totally tacky?????

Each brothel token is different.  They are from brothels in Virginia City, Tombstone Arizona, and Yuma in the Arizona Territory.  On the back, some are more risque than others.  (Above, I only showed the back of the most PG rated token :)  )

If I get uncomfortable having these up ... and begin to feel like it is more on tacky than cool, I could always take them down.  Particularly depending on the company coming over.  I wouldn't want my mom to get the wrong impression!

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  1. I love the brothel tokens, they are so different, and part of history!! Where did you find them?