Monday, October 24, 2011

Chartruese and Co

This weekend I was finally able to make it up to Frederick, MD, to Chartreuse & Co.  Chartreuse & Co is a really awesome barn stuffed to the gills with awesome farmhouse, industrial, chic antique finds.  It is only open one weekend a month, and I have been meaning to go there for almost 6 months.  I was not disappointed!!

 This is "the one that got away."  You know, that item that see and you hem and haw over, decide not to get it, and then can't stop thinking about it for days on end?   Yupp - this is her. 

Some of the cool things I picked up:  a ball jar soap dispenser, an old shoe form, some old maps of Rome and London, and an old market basket. 

And this I had to add because it was so freaking cool!  These are not real windows - they are PAINTED on the side of a building in old town Frederick.  They look so REAL!

(I have to say THANK YOU to my friend ((and blog reader)) Deborah, who went with us to Frederick AND treated us to an amazing dinner at Volt!)

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  1. Awesome pictures! I would have been so overwhelmed there it looks like they had some great stuff!