Saturday, November 19, 2011

Catchin' Up

Its been a little longer since I have posted than I would have liked, but I promised myself when I started blogging that it would be a hobby and I wouldn't let it get in the way of life.  The last few weeks life has not given me too much free time; I have taken care of a loved one after surgery, went out of state for a little bit, and have been battling a virus sent to me straight from the depths of hell.   But the blog has always been in the back of my mind, and I wanted to share with you a few new things I have added to my home over the last few weeks.

My first fall in my new home has been delightful.  Watching my trees change from gorgeous greens to bright yellows and vibrant reds has been exciting!  I have four big trees on my yard, and each one is changing into a color drastically different from the next.  Having to rake all those leafs, however, is not quite as exciting..... 

 I picked up these hand towels from the Old Luckett's Store.  I love the numbers!  So cute!

I still haven't found a furniture set for my front porch - I have been on the look out for those perfect rockers that you just can't wait to relax in with a warm cup of tea.  However, every outdoor rocker that I have seen that I have liked has been well beyond my budget.  So, for now, I put out this weather chair with a brown crate as a side table.  Its just temporary, but I find it charming every time I walk up the front steps!

This was a really neat find!  I found some old film reels and hung them above my television set.  They are worn and chippy, and have numbers engraved in them to show the time length and footage of the film.  They are really neat!  You can also see the old buffet table that I turned into an entertainment center for my tv, and the old chippy step stool underneath that I use for my VCR, cable box, and Wii. 

OK, I know this one is a little ... unique, but I freaking love it.  It is an old drawer from a card catalog.   I now use it to hold my excess toilet paper behind my toilet.  It gives it an unexpected, industrial, and fun feel to the otherwise traditional bathroom.   I love how you can see the grain in the front wood panel, the original hardware from the drawer, and the inside of the drawer actually has old ink stamps from the library.  So neat!

On Monday I am going on a road trip to Hallowell, Maine, and staying in one of the most charming B&Bs I have ever seen.  If the owner is OK with it, I am hoping to post all about this beautiful and historic B&B!  Stay tuned!

(Would-be house robbers be warned: I have a pretty awesome house sitter who is going to be guarding mi casa while I am away  :)  )


  1. Lisa and I will be there on Thursday!!! Can't wait....I want to go antiquing on black friday....

  2. I think all your toilet paper tray needs is a label that says: TOILET PAPER. I love this use of the drawer. Have fun!