Thursday, September 22, 2011

The DC Big Flea

This past weekend my aunt Suzy and her friend Lenny came to visit me.  We piled into her car and went to the DC Big Flea, where I hit the jackpot!  I bought this cute white corner cabinet that was negotiated down to $100!  AND it fit in my aunt's Hylander!!  (OK OK OK fine, I can hear her shouting from NJ as she reads this ..... technically my aunt spotted the cabinet first and pointed it out to me.  Technically.  So she deserves more credit than just having a big enough car to lug around furniture).

Here is the before of my dining room area:

And here is the after :) 

And here is a close up of the centerpiece on my table.  It is lavender in Mason jars in the french style metal basket that I previously blogged about.

Here are some of the other fun things that I saw at the DC Big Flea:

I also would be remiss if I did not mention the AMAZING house warming gifts my aunt and her friend Lenny brought with them to DC.

My aunt filled this red galvanized bucket with SO MANY GOODIES!  Four bottles of wine, candles, spices, fun napkins, three cutting boards, sauces and dips, and so much more .... not to mention bones for my dog and a big "flea" toy for him!

And Lenny gave me the most BEAUTIFUL wine glasses monogrammed with my initials!  He said this way, no will will try to steal them :-D  They are stunning! 

I am so thankful for their generosity and helping me warm my new home!!

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  1. The flea looks like a great spot! How wonderful that the cabinet fit, looks great in the corner! Thanks for joining in for VIF, xo

  2. Hi, I am in DC now visiting my son, I wish i had been here last weekend!! for the BIG FLEA, I love your cabinet! We walked the whole mall today and when to the Smithsonian's, Hope i can get out of bed tomorrow we are going to Arlington. Lord, the weather here feels like Orlando I was sure it was going to be nice and cool! Guess I can't get a break!


  3. Carol - I hope the weather didn't ruin the rest of your DC plans! If you get a chance - head out towards Leesburg VA and go to the Old Lucketts Store! You will love it!