Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why I am starting a blog....

Testing 1, 2, 3 :)

Starting a blog might be one of my worst ideas in recent history.  I mean - do I even  have the time to keep up with it?  And if I DO keep up with it, who will want to read it?  What if the things I find interesting, beautiful, and blog-worthy are utterly dull and meaningless to the amazing people in the blogosphere?

Every day I parouse a long list of blogs that I follow, and I find myself drooling and admiring their DIY projects.  I often find myself saying "I could do that" or "Ooo I wish I could show them that thing I made last week!"

Then I went to the Luckett's Spring Fair and met one my all time blogging idols, Miss Mustard Seed.  I introduced myself to her and she said "Do you have a blog?"

I said sheepishly and regrettably, "No, I don't."  As I was walking away I was thinking about how I wish I could have said, "Yes I do, and Miss Mustard Seed, you need to go check it out!!!"   I then thought.... why DON'T I have a blog?  I can do it!

So here I am... doing it.   Welcome to my newest adventure :)